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Yojanan M.

Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

$300 - $700 / Day


Since I remember, for me, using an image is the easier way to transmit an idea or emotion. Most of my work relay on this, I try to express something on each frame on my videos. I alway thought that not all you see is what it seems, mostly if you live in a country like mine, Mexico, where every image has many way to interpret. This determines the way i approach a story, always through out the visual way. I think that this is the way that we learn about the world in our first life stages. I like simple stories that represent our human essence, needs and expressions, like love, desires.

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Documentary DP
Video Editor - Documentary
Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist

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  • Drone Camera
  • DSLR Camera


  • Lavalier Microphone


  • Slider
  • Stabilizer

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Production Support

  • Documentary DP
  • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist

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  • Video Editor - Documentary