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29530 Alameda, Málaga, Spain


I became a multimedia journalist because I have a zeal for telling untold stories about social, cultural, political and environmental issues that provide greater insight for viewers/readers. As an environmental justice and public health community organizer/researcher for over 10 years, I found that these sorts of stories were not being told with balanced viewpoints in the mainstream media, so I became a journalist (educated at UC Berkeley). For the last five years, I've been covering stories in video, photo, print and radio format, but video journalism has always been my passion. I direct, produce, shoot and edit short narrative videos as a one-woman band. I can also write video scripts and narrate. I like to report on stories at the intersection of culture, politics and the environment, as well as stories about sustainability, food, sustainable agriculture and technology. From specializing in these areas for most of my career, I have a network and natural curiosity that will help me uncover new stories and facilitate access. Becoming a Storyhunter will enable me to dig deeper into these issues and bring these worlds alive so viewers can have a greater perspective.

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