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René Sascha J.

2300 Sundbyøster, Denmark

$600 - $2000 / Day


I'm currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark after 8 years of shooting in Los Angeles and New York City. In 2020 As a Director, I released my first international feature doc funded by DFI (The Danish National Film Institute) - "7 YEARS OF LUKAS GRAHAM". It features pop icon Lukas Graham, and is filmed during their ups and downs over a 7 Years period. The doc was nominated DOCUMENTARY OF THE YEAR at the Danish Academy Awards 2020 (Robert Prisen) and was the best selling Danish cinema documentary in 9 years. My international claim to fame was the Sundance awarded “THE RED CHAPEL”documentary I shot in NorthKorea and edited for Director Mads Brugger. The feature also earned me a DOP nomination atThe Golden Frog, Camerimage film festival 2010. Speaking of film festivals I’m credited “Co-producer”, “additional editor” and “additional DP”on the Sundance 2015 awarded “THE WOLFPACK” documentary which I worked closely on with Director Crystal Moselle. Another incredible story from NYC. I have +20 years of professional experience and have filmed and edited more than 200 hours of broadcasted tv-documentary and documentary films (NO REALITY-TV). This experience has also brought a lot of commercial documentary work. In the early days I directed more than 30 music videos for artists like Nephew, Suspekt, L.O.C, Oh Land, Calby and now lately 5 videos for Lukas Graham. Among these the video for 7 YEARS which passed 1 billion views on Youtube in 2020. The past 10 years have truly been hectic with tons of filming and traveling and I have no plans of slowing down. The camera has taken me everywhere from The slums of Cité Soleil in Haiti, the beach of The Gaza Strip, the Kim Il Sung square in Pyongyang, the skyscrapers of Guangzhou, the forrest in Zambia to the UN building in NYC – I’ve been around the world more than 5 times and I no longer feel like a stranger in any of these places. 20 years down the line I’m still on a constant mission to keep shaping and perfecting my visual output and passion for storytelling. “The Only Constant in Life is Change” and I welcome that to always keep things fresh and interesting.

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