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Sabelo D.

Durban, South Africa


Sabelo is a documentary filmmaker with 6 years working in Documenting the arts and teaching young people filmmaking in the city of Durban. He spent two years programming the KwaZulu Natal African Film Festival, having worked as assistant marketing manager for three years. Sabelo is an alround artist having studied journalism, graphic design and filmmaking. He is passionate about social development and social change and follows stories of social change and the social politics. He is interested in the role that the 3rd world has been assigned or forced to play in the globalising world (e.g. being cheap labour camps for big businesses, and pharmaceutical experiments conducted in Southern Africa, and the political system that is more brutal yet potrayed by media as democratic.) He sees film as one voice that cannot be silenced and although there may be gatekeepers, embodied or social, film still breaks through because of new media avenues like cell phones, film festivals and DVD distribution.

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