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Christopher C.

Dublin, Ireland

$450 - $750 / Day


I'm a South Africa-Irish filmmaker, one who has been lucky enough to share in the crafting of stories of the last ten years. During that time, and by fulfilling a variety of roles, I've had the opportunity to hone my craft as a storyteller, and get a comprehensive understanding of how every facet of production contributes towards an engaging and memorable end product. For the last five years, I've headed up a wide range of long form productions that have seen me travel the globe in search of new, untold stories that speak to audiences on an emotive, aesthetic and human level. As a director, writer and director of photography, I've completed over 18 long-form productions, often from development to delivery, with a diverse International audience seeing over 8000 minutes of my work. This is more than a career to me, it's a life choice, and one that I take pride in everyday.

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Documentary DP
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  • Event Photographer
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