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Bennett J.

Hoboken, NJ, USA

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At school, Bennett discovered his first loves, drama and painting. However, he didn't enjoy acting as much as devising the scripts and painting was a lonely endeavour and an under-appreciated art form. After school, Bennett's appreciation for social sciences lead him to a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Durham University where he had time to start messing around with cameras. All of a sudden, filmmaking seemed the perfect fit for his lifelong passion. He suddenly had the freedom to use his creative sensibilities to bring life to real world stories. Bennett currently works freelance in a range of production disciplines including advertising, documentary, music videos and film. He has worked for commercial clients such as Arla, Guinness and Johnnie Walker and has made video journalism content for ITV and the Daily Telegraph. His recent film, 'A Man and His Horse,' was awarded Best Short Doc at the LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood.

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