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Fernando V.

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico


Fernando Valencia was born in Guadalajara Mexico in 1986. He got a B.A. Degree in Communications at ITESO. His area of interest combines the Documentary filmmaking and the social work with vulnerable groups. In 2006 he worked as a volunteer in Saltillo México in a Non-profit Civil Organization called Frontera con Justicia. This organization helps migrants from Central America crossing Mexico on their way to the U.S. When he got back to Guadalajara, his natal city, he decided to join some other people interested in migration and created FM4 Paso Libre where he helped for the next five years ( He made his first documentary film called Just a day (Sólo un día) in 2009. The project participated in some film festivals and received several awards. Currently he is part of a documentary network called "Documentalistas Mexicanos en Red DOCRED" and he is working in a new short documentary film called "The street family". This is a film about Otilia, a women who lived most of her life on the street, today strives to helps others change their lives.

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