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Matthew C.

New York, NY, USA


I believe that the video storytelling is one of the few educational tools that can inform a global network of individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. Visual storytelling is an investment in our lives and aids in the preservation of our future. As Walter Cronkite once remarked about journalists, Our job is only to hold up the mirror, to tell and show the public what has happened.  It should be the personal mission of journalists to educate the public, as it promotes modernization, tolerance and enlightenment by holding the small percentage of those in power accountable for their actions. I would like the opportunity to do this through visual storytelling. I am currently in post-production with my own documentary, which follows the story of a man and a transgender woman who were released directly from solitary confinement back into their communities without going through any societal reintegration programs. I enjoy hunting stories about people. People are the vehicle who lead me in the hunt about environmental topics, politics, human rights and advocacy.

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