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Oscar G.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico


Hi everywhere. So, finally I did this! I'm writing this truly excited because since I knew about Storyhunter I just felt something good. There are not so many great news any given day, like the day I found this. I am Mexicano, from Monterrey. Twenty five years ago I came to back to Earth. I studied International Marketing which I hate since I was studying it, so when I finished I went to el sur del sur, Santiago de Chile to live for two years. I found myself liberated from the "hometown chains", started to do the real life walk and accepting myself which is not that hard once you are all alone by yourself and your camera. Since I was little I had this weird affection with videos and since then, it's a feeling I can't get with any other thing in this life. Sadly, I grew in a family situation where I couldn't just say that I was going to be a videographer til 2 years ago. I worked on a Video Production company in Santiago de Chile and I started as a Production Assistant. Now I'm back to Monterrey and we have a Productora where we are working harder to be la creme de la creme with differents projects. Congratulations guys, Storyhunters it's one of a kind and a hope vein.

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