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Budi A.

Tangerang, Tangerang City, Banten, Indonesia

$250 - $1500 / Day


Though my name is Budi Afriyan, but i'm more known by my nickname, buyung. And i just realized that my nick are really hard to spell in Englihs :D that case, you can call me Ryan like my family calls me :D :D I'm a media production specialist (from research the topics - in Indonesia - to editing my own b-roll or footage). I'm ready for any assignment in Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua, been work around Aceh to Papua from 2000. My latest project were a documentary as part of research on marine spatial planning in Lesser Sunda (Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara), specifically in Rote Island (the southest island in Indonesia's archipelago).

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Production Company
News Shooter / Video Journalist
Video Editor - News

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  • 4K Camera
  • Drone Camera
  • DSLR Camera


  • Directional Microphone


  • External Recorder

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Production Support

  • Documentary DP
  • News Shooter / Video Journalist
  • Drone Operator
  • Reporter / Journalist
  • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist

Post Production

  • Sound Mixer
  • Video Editor - News
  • Video Editor - Documentary
  • Video Editor - Commercial


  • Fixer
  • Production Company