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Katrina A.

New York, NY, USA

$200 - $500 / Day


I’m an award-winning writer, director, producer and editor with years of experience in branded and documentary content production. I’m a skilled run-and-gun producer and I love to hunt for stories just beneath the surface of everyday life. I’ve covered faith communities, from a queer Jewish NYC storytelling troupe, to a small congregation of serpent-handling Pentecostal Christians in Tennessee. I’ve followed students at a last chance Brooklyn High School overcoming a culture of violence and low expectations to put on their school’s first-ever talent show. I live in Brooklyn and love finding unique angles on LGBTQ issues, income inequality, and faith. I’m passionate about stories reflecting the human face of climate change and I’m currently working on a long-form documentary about the oil industry’s impact on the unique cultures of South Louisiana.

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