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Diane J.

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

$200 - $800 / Day


I've lived and worked as a journalist in Mexico for three years. Three years of writing news and feature stories from every corner of the country, filing short and long stories about politics, immigration, trade, oil&gas, aztec culture, food and crime. My work has appeared in various outlets such as The Guardian, Le Monde, Time, FT, Slate, Monocle, Raconteur and The American Lawyer. These days I mostly write for French daily Le Figaro as their Mexico correspondent. Aside from writing, I've done some fixing and producing, helped on documentaries that have aired on French TV channels Canal+ and France2, or Vice in the UK. I developed my reporting skills while covering a South Bronx neighborhood in 2012, as a journalism student at Columbia University, which have certainly given me a taste for social-related stories and investigative journalism.

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