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Ryan J.

New York, NY, USA

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Ryan is a New York-based filmmaker with a flair for turning subtle, everyday moments into compelling stories with broad appeal, particularly through the universal language of sports. His journey behind the camera began on the sidelines of high school football games in Texas. As he moved on to film and documentary work, Ryan developed a profound belief in the power of empathy, drawing from a tapestry of his own diverse human experiences that would inspire his approach to narratives that resonate deeply and authentically. Educated at NYU's graduate film program, Ryan's foundation in filmmaking is robust, recognized by industry accolades such as the Best Test Commercial at YDA in Cannes for his Nike spot "Buckets". His debut transcends the arena of sports, offering a lens into the human condition and capturing the collective ethos that brands and agencies strive to embody. With an eye for the emotive force of storytelling, Ryan’s ambition is to craft campaigns that don't just sell, but also tell a story that audiences will remember and feel a part of. His vision for the future is expansive, seeking to collaborate on projects that challenge societal norms and ignite conversations. Brands and agencies should partner with Ryan for his fresh perspective that blends the traditional with the avant-garde, his commitment to authenticity, and his proven ability to connect with viewers on an emotional level. His work is a testament to the potential of creative advertising to not just reach an audience, but to touch it profoundly. When not weaving narratives, Ryan is usually cooking at home in Brooklyn, or exploring the world’s coastlines with his fiancée Stephanie.

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  • March • 2016

    JRJ went above and beyond to deliver an amazingly polished product. He took a brief description and turned it into an amazing treatment, and eventually, a wonderful video. Ryan was professional every step of the way and his high impact concept was a true value add to the entire production. He also managed a crew of 12 people to get this done without a single hiccup. I would strongly recommend working with Ryan (as he sometimes likes to be called) for any creative project no matter how big or small.

    Eric at Glimmer Studios
  • February • 2017

    Excellent work!! John recorded a guest for one of our podcasts. Everything turned out perfectly - great sound quality and he delivered the audio to us immediately after the recording. John is very professional and arrived early for setup. No complaints!

    Ideas at Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • August • 2018

    Ryan was fantastic! He is professional and knowledgeable and produced a video we are impressed with. I look forward to working with him again on future projects.

    Van at Fox & Summit

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