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Luis T.

San Juan, San Juan Province, Argentina, Argentina


I am a journalist and documentary filmmaker based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My interest lies in telling off beat stories, with extraordinary characters in ordinary circumstances. From the intensely personal to the acutely social, I am always searching for narrative possibilities in unlikely places. Arts and letters, Latin American culture in particular, is a huge concern. Identity and heritage are important to me. In fact, I cant think of a more exciting subject than what it means to be Latino in the United States in the 21st Century United States, or the changing self-awareness and contradictions of Latin America. In the past, I have had the opportunity of travelling and shooting in Mexico, New York City, South Florida, South Texas and Los Angeles while covering sucsuch hot-button issues as illegal immigration and the public health challenges posed by outbreaks like the swine flu. I divide my time between writing and producing videos, and am always on the lookout to find a creative community that is open to collaboration.

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