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Dylan A.

Phoenix, AZ, USA

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I have been working in the film, television, and digital video industry for the past 10 years. In those 10 years I’ve worked a slew of production jobs. From a lowly PA, to 1st AC, to Gaffer, to Cinematographer. I’ve pretty much done it all. Every job has provided a different learning opportunity, and an opportunity to hone my craft. In 2016 I was approached by Hearst television to join a new digital studio they were building to promote their networks. This was my opportunity to get behind the camera on a consistent basis and create a vast body of work. I found a passion for telling authentic, impactful, heartfelt stories. I think these types of stories have a special spot in my heart. The digital studio became the cornerstone of digital video content for all Hearst markets. I served as the lead cinematographer at the studio with multiple additional responsibilities. In addition to creating the aesthetic that our team was known for, and shooting a majority of our videos, I was managing our crews in the field, piloting new projects, and editing 99% of the content I was shooting. I helped to build a significant video production team where teamwork and collaboration were the foundation of the studio's success. In 2019 my fiancé matched to her medical residency in Phoenix, Arizona. And I had no choice but to follow my heart and go with her. This meant leaving HTV's Digital Studio and embarking on a new journey. I'm now working freelance in the greater southwest region, taking my skill set and applying it to productions like yours!

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Video Editor - Documentary
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Motion Graphics Designer
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Video Editor - Commercial
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Top Reviews

  • September • 2021

    Dylan is a fantastic editor with a great work ethic and an intelligent creative eye.

    Samantha at Hearst Television
  • August • 2020

    Terrific! Professional, creative, receptive, enthusiastic.

    Danielle at Hearst Television
  • March • 2021

    Exceptional work and communication as always!!

    Megan at Hearst Television

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  • 4K Camera
  • Drone Camera
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  • Shoulder Rig

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  • Documentary DP
  • Production Assistant

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  • Video Editor - Documentary
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Animator / Visual Effects Artist
  • Video Editor - Commercial


  • Production Company
  • Creative Director
  • Fixer