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Andrea C.

Madrid, Spain


Since the day I was born I have been a storyteller and a story-eater... I love to write, to draw, to take pictures or make videos that help me to take my ideas and share them with the word... That's why I major in Journalism and also have a Master Degree in the same area. Video, words, picture, every media is good for me if let me said what i have to say, if it help me to show to the word the people stories, the life of those who believe are they are not important but are the ones that makes the world our world. I see stories everywhere, on the streets, on the small towns and hidden between the buildings of the big cities... New ways of people to communicate through arts, new or remain problems that affect the most needed persons, or those small, strange little things that makes a town that town or a city that city. I'm obsessed with observe the world and I want to show that world to everyone... I'm just looking for a place, a platform that help me to show my work.

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