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Constanza P.

Miami, FL, USA

$450 - $2000 / Day


I am a multimedia producer with more than 25 years of experience in audiovisual media (film, television, and other digital content platforms). I specialize in executive planning, coordination, and directing of productions and content for social institutions, brands, entities, and international media. I am passionate about audiences, changes in the way of consuming content, and innovation in media. I consider myself a translator from concepts to images. My goal is to contribute to projects with high impact results. Film Credits MY AUNT GILMA, Co-producer (Perú-Venezuela 2019) Dir. Alexandra Henao OPPOSITE DIRECTION (Based on the novel BLUE LABEL), Co-producer (Venezuela-Italy 2019) Dir. Alejandro Bellame. EL INCA, Associate Producer (Venezuela 2017) Dir. Ignacio Castillo Cottin. DIOS TE PAGA, Associate Producer (Venezuela 2010) Dir. Reynaldo Ortiz 900-PANIC, Executive Producer (Venezuela 2003) Dir. Hernán Jabes. EN LOS ROQUES, Executive Producer (Venezuela 2001) Dir. Hernán Jabes.

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