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Colton B.

Brooklyn, NY, USA


I'm a 24-year old graduate from the University of Texas with a BS in Radio/Television/Film. The stories I'm looking to tell involve the post-Internet era. I grew up in a very sequestered area in rural Texas, so in my youth I spent large amounts of time online as a means of meeting people, combating loneliness and gaining understanding of the world outside my own. Technological progress at this point in world history is at an interesting point, and the side-effects of growing up online are becoming more apparent as those who have lived their entire lives under the presence of the web grow into adulthood. Through my past online, I've met a wide array of figures, but I'd like to focus on the most extreme cases. For instance, college students obsessed with hook-up or dating apps, or teenagers who spend hours cultivating a separate identity from their real life over the course of social media, as well as younger children who spend as much time online as I did. Please check out my works on my website! I'm working on a similar feature at the moment, so keep in mind my best work is likely yet to be seen!

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