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Mezquitillo, Zac., Mexico

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Mexico born filmmaker Erik Mariñelarena is chief executive officer and founder of E Corp Studio. His notable works include the feature films Hotel Chelsea (2009), Beyond the Summit (first IMAX film produced entirely in Mexico) and more than a dozen short films, as "An Ally in Time" (2008) Sundance Film Festival Official selection. He regularly appeared as judge for various international Mexican film festivals (Pantalla de Cristal, Rivera Maya Film Festival, among others) and lecturer in various Apple Inc. digital production and CUEC-UNAM film production seminars. Also writes film technical articles for print and online media. Mariñelarena holds two M.F.A. from UDC [mx] and a Bachelor of Arts from University of Hartford [us]. Selected Filmography 2013 Without Limits (Documentary TV Series) Beyond The Summit: Learning to Fly (Documentary IMAX) Anything Else Than Air (Documentary) 2012 Octavio (Biopic) 2011 12th Warrior (Documentary) We strive to tell strong, often character-driven stories that have a beginning and end, with something at stake, rising tension, and a narrative arc that keeps viewers actively engaged, but also good journalism.

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