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94100 Enna, Province of Enna, Italy


My name is Simona, I come from Sicily and I live in Tunis since 2011. Since I believe in the vital importance of communication as a pillar for a deeper understanding between different cultures, I chose to learn English, Spanish and Arabic. For the last years, I have been using video and photography to give voice to the voiceless and document difficult situations and social struggles. I worked to several projects, usually totally auto-produced, both shooting and editing. Projects have included dealing with immigration issues in London as part of the NoBorders network, in Calais (northern France) where many clandestine migrants constantly face police harassment, in Lampedusa (a small island between Sicily and Tunisia) where, after the Arab spring, thousands of migrants and refugees landed over a few months. I also realised some short documentaries in Palestine while volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement. Since when I live in Tunis I have learnt the Tunisian dialect so that I can connect with all sort of interesting people. At the moment I am developing a project about freedom of expression in Tunisia on the path of transition towards democracy.

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