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I'm a filmaker and documentarist and my passion is story in big cities like São Paulo. I love to research informations about how is the relation between public spaces and people, for example, how public transport works and which kind of cultural events happen in the streets. Lately I've been reading some books about new ways of living itn the big cities, sustainables ways and cooperative ways. I made a short documentary about buslovers in the city of São Paulo: people that love buses, they like taking the bus, they know all about different lines and they're always engaged in this cause. Another short documentary I've made is about a young musician. I've followed him just one normal day of his life and the film is about this meeting betwen us, what I felt, what he told and show me and how was this day. I'm fluent in english and french and I've travelled a lot all my life, this is something that I really love! Recently I've been in NYC and some cities in Canada and I went to the Flaherty Seminar, an annual meeting to watch and discuss documentaries in US. I work mostly with direction, camera and editing and I own my own production company. ps: my videos are not yet subtitled.

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