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Matt T.

New York, NY, USA


I come from a background of print journalism but took up the video camera 10 years ago with a digital filmmaking course at The New York Film Academy. I have done numerous freelance projects--a piece for Eliminate Poverty Now about an innovative school lifting children out of Kenya's largest slum; a two-part series for a Gates Foundation project to vastly improve soil information in Africa; and others. Recently I completed a 90-minute documentary--a story of cross-continental adventure, goodwill outreach, and the triumph of commitment in the face of extreme adversity--that is an official selection of The Oaxaca FilmFest and The NYC Independent Film Festival. I like to find voices that are underrepresented in the mainstream media. I also like to bring to light interesting work at which people are toiling away in obscurity, and render it accessible and engaging. Who's trying to solar panel Harlem's rooftops? Who's at the controls when a heatwave pushes NYC near blackout? What's it like to be a teenager in a housing project when gentrifcation is closing in? I believe in approaching subjects without judgment and keeping an eye out for the moment that illuminates humanity.

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