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Brooklyn, NY, USA


I believe that the purpose of journalistic storytelling is not just to provide facts, but directly engage with a topic, a dialogue, a situation or event. Powerful journalism captures the varieties of human experience. The stories we are likely to see are not common to everyone they are resolutely, bracingly different and unique. The more that we read, see, and hear, the more we realize our many-leveled interconnection with the world around us. I am applying to be a Storyhunter because I am particularly interested in documenting and promoting stories that strive to speak about the immigrant experience, labor, and education in the US. Two fundamental personal experiences have guided me in my focus. Firstly, having been an immigrant myself, separated from my home country and immediate family by political and economic reasons, I am galvanized by the issues and themes surrounding immigration, the struggle of assimilation (or the lack thereof), immigrant labor, and education. Having also been an educator in the public schools, it is this issue of education that provides a prism that both reflects and refracts many of the most challenging issues facing this country.

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