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Myra B.

Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

$300 - $500 / Day


Perhaps one of the most significant lessons I have learned is mastering rhythms, and creating stories. My skills come from editing corporate videos, TV commercials, documentaries, short movies, feature trailers, and music videos. These projects were made for different parts of the world, such as Lebanon, Egypt, Denmark, USA, Sarajevo, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, France, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Jordan, UK, Pakistan. I was born and raised in Lebanon, a place open to diversity. I speak three languages, English, French and Arabic. I obtained my BA in 2006 in filmmaking, my honorary masters in 2009 in TV production. I have created and wrote two television comedy shows since 2010. That year, I also was teaching film-editing techniques for college students. The opportunity of supervising the student’s final projects, gave me an absolute pleasure. Come 2012, I moved to Boston, USA and embarked on a new adventure, expanding my experiences in the languages of reason and emotions.

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