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Su Yon S.

Vancouver, BC, Canada


I'm a multimedia storyteller, filmmaker, news junkie and translator (English to Korean & Korean to English). My short film "You Don't Look like a LESBIAN" was screened at two film festivals. I worked on various web-based projects as a video producer and designer. Currently, I produce web videos and graphics and manage the Learning Management System, Moodle for online courses at the University of British Columbia. One of my recent focus is the stories of queer refugees to Canada. Canada is the first country that started accepting refugees who face danger and persecution in their country of origin based on sexual orientation. The current conservative Canadian government is about to pass a bill that will turn the refugees' destiny upside down. There's urgency to stop Bill C-31. If this bill passes, not only the chance of queers in danger being granted refugee status will lessen dramatically but people who already obtained permanent residency in Canada as refugees may lose their permanent resident status and get deported which can result in persecution in their native nations. The stories of queer refugees is rather unfamiliar to a lot of people. This story needs to be told.

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