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Hajar S.

Rabat, Morocco


Hello, My name is Hajar Setta, I am 27 years old, Director and a DOP graduated from two hight schools. I have my own equipement, I am able to write, shoot and edit. I am a traveller and I like tell stories of people from isolated areas. I am interested about humain rights, environnement, women rights, developement, hope for Africa projects... currently, I am working on a feature documentary project which is funded by IDFA Bertha foundation. I have a lot of research material and I can edit 3 to 6 minutes video if you are interested about the subject. The access to such area in almost impossible. It is about children comming fron North of Mali and their problems to have access to education, the shooting took place in a refugee camp in Mauritania. All the Best Hajar

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