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Jack F.

Chicago, IL, USA


I'm senior at Northwestern University, currently studying multimedia journalism. My roommates call me a 'dreamer' sometimes, and I'm not sure if its a compliment (they're all economics majors and much more practical than me), but I do think its an apt description. I get a sort of high from striking on a new and sort of wild ideas, and I'm quick to try and get others as hyped as I am. That's why I so enjoy film, it not only gives me an 'excuse' to pursue some cool ideas for the sake of art, but gives me a medium to channel that energy. I chose journalism as a major because its very essence is about learning and digging up novel and sometimes strange and weird things. I'm wide eye'd when it comes to even the immediate world around me, and after checking out your work and style, it definitely appears like you guys share some of those same sentiments. I hope you get a chance to check out my work, and I'd love to have the opportunity to be a Storyhunter. Thanks for the opportunity and time, best, Jack Foster

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