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James L.

Deneysville, South Africa


I am no longer a young man but am still passionately interested and involved in documentary film making, with expertise in the equestrian field, most particularly horse racing. In 2013, my efforts over the past decade were rewarded with the EQUUS Award for TV journalism, presented by South Africa's horse racing industry. Most of my work in this field has revolved around the people who work in the horse racing industry in South Africa and, to date, I have made over 200 documentaries in this genre. However, I am also intensely interested in most spheres of the arts, particularly the performing arts, being a freelance actor myself, who has appeared on stage, on TV and in film, most notably in Clint Eastwood's "Invictus" in 2009. I would love to document the stories of young people practising in the performing arts field, recording their struggles and successes. Showcasing the performing arts in South Africa would be my ideal. I am also mindful of the moral turpitude of this country, and the decline which has taken place since the rule of Nelson Mandela. The corruption in South Africa needs to be exposed and the specifics need to be highlighted.

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