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Alan L.

Puebla, Mexico

$400 - $600 / Day


My name is Alan and I've work as a filmmaker for seven years. At first I worked as a videographer but as time past, I started directing some small projects, then I started to realized the true need of telling that stories and began to work in some projects that I though were worth filming. I like to tell stories about people, their contradictions, their way of thinking, their fears and their joys, and all that makes them a human being. The part that society doesn't ask for and that is the one that is keeping us moving foward. That part of humans in which we find the escence of what they really want and that is often contradictory of what really is. To tell stories I think is about being there, live and remember, then put it in a way that makes some sense for you and other people. Also as a videographer is hard for me to put the beauty of the image, the shot aside, so, every project has something of that in my work. I don't bealive that aesthetics and documentary are contradictory, just that there are diferent ways of telling a tesis or a story. I have a duty with the people I'm filming and the ones that watch my work, to choose carefully what I'm trying to prove and say. The work should be truthful. Nowadays, I'm studying for a Master Degree in Film Direction and Scriptwriter in Morelia, México. Also, I have a Diploma for Film Direction in the CUEC, the UNAM's film school. I also work in Weddings and in journalism.

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