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Althea M.

Toronto, ON, Canada


I'm a digital journalist and freelance filmmaker in Toronto, Canada. I have a masters degree in journalism and currently work at, where I cover daily stories from across the country and around the world. I also produce, direct, shoot and edit short documentaries. I'm interested in exploring stories related to social issues and injustice -- especially topics that spark debate and discussion. My film, The Missing, follows a Toronto artist who paints large portraits of missing Canadian women. Her work looks at issues of class and racial inequalities among women in society. Another film of mine, No Common Ground, offers a glimpse into the controversial men's rights movement -- focusing in particular on a Toronto group called the Canadian Association for Equality -- and highlights the culture clash between these activists and the feminists they antagonize. I'm also interested in are issues around immigration and ethnic communities in this country, as well as the economic problems facing youth and millennials in Canada and the rest of the world.

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