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Diego B.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


I majored in Film and Scenic Arts, also studied Political Sciences. In 2005 I founded Imaginación Atrapada - now in stand by mode waiting to be restructured -, a website dedicated to cover Film, Theater and Arts and Technology that won the Teatros del Mundo award for best publication (online or offline). In the site, content was produced in text as well as in video. In 2011, I began freelancing for Página/12, one of the most important newspapers in Argentina, and last year for Acción, a longtime well respected magazine. This year, I finished my first feature documentary, "Fabricantes de Mundos", and was invited by another locally reknowned website - Recursos Culturales - to be the Chief Editor for an ambitious journalistic project. I had always covered topics regarding culture as a whole, but since last year I began to expand my area of influence -so far, in written pieces - to history, new technologies, human rights, freedom of speech, renewable energies and cultural diversity

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