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Cornwall, UK


Hi my name is Chloe Lyme, I am 27 years old and originally from Cornwall. I have just completed a degree in International Journalism (MA) at Falmouth University, and now I am ready to use the skills I have developed to work in the media industry. Since finishing the course I have moved back to my home town, Newquay. Luckily I have landed myself a casual contract at BBC Radio Cornwall. When I am not working there I am looking to get as much experience in the Media industry as I can. Other jobs I have done include working in Ghana at a regional station called ATL FM for two months, showing commitment to international journalism and readiness to take on new challenges. Interning at BBC Spotlight and Quicksilver Media, and filming and editing for The Cornwall Channel broadcast on Sky channel 212.since finishing my masters degree. During the last three years I've mastered all the elements that are needed to become a confident multimedia broadcast journalist. For my final MA project I travelled to Ghana to film, produce, direct and edit a twenty minute documentary on Sand Winning. I love to travel and hope that one day I can pursue my dream of becoming an international news reporter.

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