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Apoorva S.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

$1000 - $2000 / Day


Hello, This is Apoorva Shaligram. This is Apoorva Shaligram. Currently based in Mumbai, but I am open to shoot Pan India. It has been almost seven years that I am working as a DP. My work style is simple yet stylised. I am minimalist. I am experimental and try to find a solution keeping the creativity intact. I was undercover in Jharkhand for an international documentary which is now published all over. It was quite a different experience for me to work within a structural format for non-fiction. Cinema Bandi is the feature film which I shot for Netflix. This entire film was shot without any professional lights or grip. I shot this on a RED GEMINI 5k RAW camera. It was a calculated decision to keep it look organic. Looking forward to collaborative work.

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