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Bartholomew J.

Memphis, TN, USA

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Addressing this lack of diversity in the coffee scene, Bartholomew launched Cxffeeblack in 2018 as an umbrella brand offering everything that the caffeine-loving hip-hop enthusiast could desire, spanning a coffee label, Guji Mane; apparel including hoodies and tees; a podcast; and, of course, music. He has since neatly packaged up this concept with documentary and world tour, offering a self described "collage-doc" sharing insight into coffee rarely discussed black history with screenings in two contents and three contras over the last year. Today, Cxffeeblack is getting attention as a player in the fourth-wave coffee movement, which focuses on socially conscious production. But Bartholomew isn't hung up on labels. ‘If people put us in the fourth wave that's cool, but the moment it stops being conducive to sharing coffee with our hood, I'm not interested. I don't care about waves, just so long as no one drowns.’

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