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Henrique S.

Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

$900 - $2000 / Day


Hi, my name is Henrique Vale and I'm a brazilian DP and filmmaker. For the last ten years I shot a lot of Ficction TV Series, Documentaries, Shorts and Feature Films. You can check my portfolio on my website. I graduated as a journalist and I always loved to work with fiction and non-fiction projects. Count on me for your story.

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Documentary DP
Creative Director
Non-Fiction Film Director

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    • 4K video camera
    • Multiple cameras
    • GoPro or equivalent
    • Drone
    • 2K video camera


    • Wireless lavalier mic
    • Shotgun mic


    • Lighting kit
    • Shoulder rig
    • Stabilizer
    • Dolly
    • Live streaming equipment

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    Production Support

    • Non-Fiction Film Director
    • Commercial DP
    • Documentary DP


    • Creative Director