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Chattanooga, TN, USA


I'm a 23 year-old documentary and commercial video producer. I run a production company in Chattanooga TN with a team of full time and part time contractors to fill the necessary crew positions. We are entering year number two as a startup. I got interested in visual storytelling in college where I made my first feature documentary, Reel Old School, and interviewed several prominent industry contributors. The film Reel Old School takes a look into the world of music recording and highlights artists and producers that choose to record their music using analog methods, and celebrates the DIY culture among independents. Interviewees on that project include, Steve Albini (engineer and recordist for Nirvana and The Pixies), Chris Walla (Guitarist and Producer, Death Cab for Cutie), Bil VornDick (Engineer, Marty Robins, Bob Dylan), Derek Webb, and Clare Lynch (2 time IBMA Vocalist of the year). SO.... In brief terms, I love culture documentary stories. Specifically stories that embrace nostalgia and associate with larger than life characters. I also really love the concept and mission of StoryHunter.TV

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