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Miguel Ángel R.

Madrid, Spain


I was born in Spain, but moved with my family to cold Germany when I was 13. Cultural differences started to be a subject that cauught my attention. With my first salary I bought a video camera, not to shoot me having sex with my girlfriend (as my father said) but to record everything around me. I was in Munich with my small homecamera when the G8 met there in, so I looked for the best positions to film the demonstrators, next to the broadcasting agencies. Years later I graduated in Audiovisual Communication and started shooting shortmovies with friends. I have filmed and edited feature length documentaries and also small pieces about singular matters. My last project has been a collective film held for 9 months in a small village in the south of Spain. I have been travelling to a few countries(always with my camera), and just love to sit and listen to people´s stories about their lives, problems or whatever is in their heads. I try to get my tools, listen to their message, compact it in a form of small video and send it to the world. I think it is necessary to transform their experiences of the people into digital, so everyone can listen!

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