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Nadja T.

Brooklyn, NY, USA


*Applying through POV* I was 14 years old when my English teacher scolded me for trying to get into the prestigious science class at my high school. She wanted me to tell stories for a living. It was an idea that sounded foreign to a girl from the countryside of a small island. More than a decade later I encountered so many stories in my peripatetic life that they consumed me. I had to tell them. I finally understood what my teacher tried to convey years ago to her clueless teenage student. Today I am becoming a multimedia journalist in order to tell these stories. I have a keen interest in documentary videos and video for the web. I love character driven stories, stories that explore the life of one character but is an example of a bigger social issue. Issues of deportation, race, mental health and culture intrigue me. I believe we have a duty to tell underreported stories to effectively understand how society works. I therefore seek out intriguing niche narratives.

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