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Mauricio F.

Toronto, ON, Canada

$500 - $1500 / Day


I’ve worked 15 years in pre-production, non-linear editing, production, post-productions and shooting, providing content for most of the open channels in Brazil as well for international broadcasters such as Discovery Channel, Turner Broadcasting (truTV) and online content for Discovery Channel Mobile, Google, Turn Here and Condé Nast, all described in my resume. I have a lot of experience with DSLR cameras, POV and professional camcorders as well as field recording with lavalieres and shotguns, total domain in Final Cut Studio (I’ve worked with Avid, Premiere and Edit), After Effects and Adobe CS6. Experience in shooting from helicopters, bicycles, motorbikes, snowmobiles, hang gliders and boats even from rappel, cranes and helicopters skids. Produced and shot in extreme climate conditions like Artic Circle, North Sea, Himalaya, Amazon forest, Thar Desert and thorn forest. I worked in tremendous police operations as well as in emergency rescues and medical transplant missions.

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